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Aw Shucks! Another review December 13, 2011

Aw Shucks!

When you arrive you feel like you are in a Roadhouse/Bar. Once greeted you realize the dining room is off to the left side of the building behind the bar. Not very warm actually, it felt cold and uninviting. We were seated at the back of the restaurant in the corner. I like to be able to see my surroundings and check out everything that’s going on during my visit. Our server, Blair, was at our side to offer a wine list and the chefs daily creation. As I check out the wine list I notice one of my favorites, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, a perfect accompaniment with Sea food. Of course, with a name like AW Shucks I would certainly expect the oysters to be on the menu for the evening. I inquire about the oysters, wanting to know who supplies them. I am pleasantly surprised when we are told that their oysters are supplied by Rodney’s one of my favorite Oyster Houses in Toronto. The selection is ample and we order a dozen oysters (Market Price) to share. Raspberry point, a medium size oyster that has a medium salty flavor and is very sweet along with Malpeque, easy to eat with the perfect balance of sweetness, brine and pickle-like liveliness, our favorite!

Our wine arrives, I taste, I like. The gooseberry and light citrus flavors are very playful as they roll around on my tongue. I want more! Blair comes back to see us with our oysters and to take our order. We order the Ahi Tuna ($31) with Sticky Rice, Wilted greens, Wasabi Cream Sauce. The tuna was seared perfectly, rare and still cool in the center, the sticky rice had just a hint of sweetness and a great accompaniment, the wilted greens added just the right amount of colour to the plate and the wasabi cream was delicious and in abundance, almost too much!!!!!!

Ahi Tuna

The Surf & Turf ($42) 7oz Filet Mignon, 7oz Canadian Lobster Tail, White Bean Mash, Braised Red Cabbage and Drawn Butter for Dan. Both the steak and the lobster tail where cooked to perfection.

Surf and Turf

We enjoy our meals as well as the entertainment of the Aurora Santa Clause parade that we watch form our table. Given sometime to relax and enjoy the last of our wine, we peruse the desert selections. All I need now is a great cup of coffee and my all time favorite, I spot the perfect finish to my meal, creme brule’.

My Creme Brule’ was wonderfully smooth, packed full of vanilla flavour, just the way it should be. Dan had an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.

Perfect crispness, the apples were still plump enough and packed with caramelized flavor that is a must in any good apple crisp! The food and service we recieved at Aw Shucks was good. I found the decor a bit dated and lacked a bit in personallity. We did enjoy our evening but with all the other seafood restaurants out there to try, I don’t think we will be back soon.

Our total bill came to $152.00

Aw Shucks is located at

15474 Yonge Street Aurora, ON L4G 1P2

(905) 727-5100


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