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A visit with Dr. Dog and Rodney March 4, 2011

Heaven on a Half Shell

The phone rings”Hello”

“Hi Tan what are you up to on October 16? Want to go see Dr Dog with me?”

Dr. Who?”

“Who or what is Dr. Dog?”

Then it comes to me, I’ve heard this Dr. Dog before at my brother’s home, they are a band from Philadelphia. I say Absolutely!!! Perhaps we can grab a bite to eat after the show. Hehe…

We make our way downtown Toronto, not really knowing what to expect. I suspect that the music will be good and the company even greater. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with their family and friends. We arrive and hook up with Trevor. We grab a couple of drinks and find our vantage point.

The band goes on, the crowd goes wild, they are good, really good. They sound a bit like a the Beatles meets Motown strange but really good and just the way I like it, LOUD! Really enjoyed the show and it was quite obvious that the crowd that had come to be entertained were truly satisfied. Enjoying them so much I pick up a few of their CDs to add to my collection.

Now for a visit to Rodney’s Oyster House, last-minute choice…so they think. I love to go to Rodney’s. The oysters are guaranteed to be the freshest and the tastiest in Toronto. We ask to sit at the bar and being that it is later in the night we are accommodated immediately. LOVE to sit at the bar not only do you get a great view of what’s going on, you’re also entertained by the bartenders who get to shuck all those oysters. We are greeted by an interesting character who makes us feel right at home, sort of. We  immediately order a dozen mixed oysters, Village Bay ($1.5), Pickle Point ($2.5), Mystic Cocktail ($2) along with a  glass of Cave Springs Sea Legs Oyster White ’09 ($8) for me and a Neustadt 10W30 Ale ($5.9) for Dan. I also decide to have the Krauch Smoked Salmon  ($13) one of our other favorites. Trevor orders the Steelhead Trout ($12). As we enjoy our drinks we try to no avail to engage our server but we get the feeling he’s really not into it. The smoked salmon arrives and it is outstanding, that wonderful hint of smokiness and that smooth velvety texture. The union of  cream cheese,  pumpernickel bread, capers and red onion is a classic combination and truly a delicious experience. Trev’s smoked trout is simply served with lemon and cocktail sauce, I can see he is enjoying the trout, different from what he had expected but tasty none the less.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Trout

Our servers drops by to see how we’re enjoying everything so far and explains he is finished for the evening and the other bartender will be taking over from this point. No “Thanks”, No “have a great night”, No nothing, and he was gone in a flash, off to sit at the end of the bar to have a drink with some of his other co-workers. That was absolutely fine with Dan, Trevor and myself.  We all felt we really didn’t get any service from our quirky little server. Between nibbles of the salmon and trout we indulge in the platter of mixed oysters each very distinctive.  Some sweet, some salty, some large and meaty,  and others on the smaller side but all outstanding.  Our new bartender arrives and I was relieved to see a familiar face, we had been served before by this young man, full of character and stories. Tales of competing in  oyster shucking contests,  and his engaging travel stories, along with the fantastic food have kept us coming back for more. As always we had a great time with great food, drink, and family. Thanks to Trevor for taking such wonderful photographs of the evening, you’re the BEST!

Our total bill came to about $70.00.  Good times free! You will find Rodney’s Oyster House located at 469 King St. West. Toronto, On. 416-363-8105


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