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“Where cash is King” Mexicanada August 10, 2010

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So it’s a Saturday night and my guy says we’re going out for dinner. He’s keeping a secret but bursting at the seams with excitement. He heads north on Hwy 404 from Richmond Hill and my radar goes into action. We drive a route I am familiar with but I still can’t figure it out. Finally I ask him for a hint, nothing, just a smirk. We head into Bradford and pull up to a little place on the main street. Immediately the light goes on in my head. I have noticed this place so many times coming home from the cottage and often wondered what it was like. From the outside I would never guess that beyond the doorway we would be eating some of the best Mexican food we have ever tasted in the area. We were greeted promptly and taken to our table. I notice all the tables had times and names on them this was a good sign to me they were fully booked for the evening, I soon found out why. Our server asked if we wanted a drink, we ordered a lime margarita and a Negro Modela.(Mexican Beer) I take in the decor, bright yellow walls sombrero’s and peasant skirts make you feel like your really in a little Mexican cantina. We check out the menu and immediately I have memories of my Wella (grandmother in mexican) I remember visiting her when i was a teenager she and my Tia’s making home-made Tamale’s for dinner. The smell is unbelievable my mouth is watering and I can’t help my self I have to order just one. I inquire if they are available? Si our server replies, they have Chicken and Pork and they come with Salsa. We also order our meals and another round of drinks the Margarita’s are outstanding and the Mexican beer is pretty good too. We ordered the Combination Platter it has one mini burrito, one quesadilla, one tostada, and one soft taco again you have the choice of chicken, beef or pork or you can order a mixed platter with a bit of all of the proteins. We also ordered Carne Asada it is grilled steak, onion green peppers/served with rice and refried beans (personally not so keen on refried beans but I will give them a shot) My chicken Tamale comes to the table with a mild sauce wrapped in the corn husk that it has been steamed in. As I open up the corn husk a rush of steam hits my nose, the scent of fresh corn and seasoned chicken make my mouth water I can’t wait I go in for my first mouthful….. DELICIOUS, and then I realize I have to share with my dinner date he agrees. Roger our server did a quality check right on cue. Up next was the Carne Asada, and the Combination platter. The grilled steak was tender and perfectly seasoned and the refried bean where out of this world I couldn’t believe it I loved the beans, and everything else. The combination Platter had flour and corn tortillas soft and fried and everything was so fresh and tasty we needed a take home bag for the leftovers we needed to save room for the finally, DESSERT. On the advice of our server we finished it all up with their flan. It was sort of like a Creme Carmel but a little bit firmer and was not quite a sweet, the perfect way to end our adventure! I will be going back again and again to enjoy the atmosphere, service and the food. Very reasonably priced, were “cash is king” our bill was under $70.00.
Last minute thought I should have included the address. You will find Mexicanada located at 32 Holland Street. E. Bradford, Ontario.(905) 775-5881


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  1. boh Says:

    I’ve been to the restaurant its cozy and there was a guy playing Mexican music on a guitar. Thought that was cool and I didn’t have to drive downtown for that or the great food they serve. If you choose not to hot or spicy they cook it your way. Even Mexican beer and deserts its them a try. Call first, Friday and Saturday are very busy.

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